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Overview about Genomics Journals with free access to articles in full text

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Current Genomics Current Genomics covers all aspects of genetic analysis and gene function, particularly in the growing areas of human and functional genomics. Articles are free 12 months after publication

Genes to Cells Monthly science journal describing important aspects of molecular and cellular biology. The contents of all issues of Genes to Cells over six months old are made free for everyone to download and read full articles. The journal provides an open access option for newer publications.

Current Chemical Genomics Current Chemical Genomics , a peer reviewed open access journal, publishes original research articles, letters and reviews on all aspects of research and development that is focused on integrative approaches at the interface of chemistry / biology that includes reports on technologies used to optimized and identify chemical probes that interact with proteins involved in cellular signaling pathways. Coverage also includes reports on new methods and tools of chemo- informatics for facilitating research in chemical genomics. Optimizations of these probes using chemistry and informatics will form the basis of a new generation of medicines.

Molecular Therapy Molecular Therapy is the official journal of the American Society for Gene & Cell Therapy. Available in print and online, Molecular Therapy is dedicated to publishing important peer-reviewed research and cutting-edge reviews and promoting the sciences in genetics, medicine and biotechnology.

The Open Genomics Journal The Open Access, peer-reviewed online journal publishes research articles and letters in all areas of genetics and functional genomics.

Genome Integrity Genome Integrity is an open access journal that publishes research on all aspects of genome integrity, the cellular processes underlying maintenance of genome stability, and the effects of instability. The journal is focused on understanding the processes that regulate the maintenance of genome integrity. Topics include, but are not limited to induction of DNA damage, sensing, signalling and repair of DNA damage,processing of DNA damage in the context of chromatin and interphase chromosomes, metaphase chromosome alterations, telomere maintenance, cell cycle regulation, control of apoptosis, effects of genotoxic stress including radiation and chemicals, genome integrity and ageing, and genome integrity and cancer

Human Genomics and ProteomicsHuman Genomics and Proteomics is an international, peer-reviewed journal, providing a forum for discussion of research on human genomics and proteomics, systems biology, and various aspects of personalized medicine.


Journal of Translational OncogenomicsTranslational Oncogenomics, published by Libertas Academica, is an open-access, peer-reviewed, rapid-publication forum to assist in the dissemination of novel genetic, epigenetic and molecular pathway information related to clinical cancer.

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