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Overview about Pharmacology Journals with free access to articles in full text

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British Journal of Pharmacology
The British Journal of Pharmacology , an official journal of the British Pharmacological Society, publishes original papers in the field of general pharmacology, authoritative review articles and correspondence items. Review articles and commentaries are freely available from the date of publication online; full papers are freely available 12 months after publication. The journal provides an open access option for authors.


International Journal of Pharmacology The International Journal of Pharmacology is a peer reviewed, quarterly publication (by Asian Network for Scientific Information). The scope of the journal includes neuropharmacology, immunopharmacology, behavioral, cardiovascular. endocrine, cellular and molecular pharmacology. Free full-text articles from current and archived issues are available.

Bangladesh Journal of PharmacologyThe Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology seeks to promote research, exchange of scientific information, consideration of regulatory mechanisms that affect drug development and utilization, and medical education.



British Journal of Pharmacology and ToxicologyThe British Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology publishes peer-reviewed, original reserach articles in all fields of toxicology, and basic and clinical pharmacology

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